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Keyboard layout showing tool. Screenshots


Main Tool window

Main window contailns Tabs, one tab for each indicator. Clock items and Keyboard layout items.

en Each Keyboard item present own language. You can set for different language different settings: font, color, background color, opaque and behavior.
12 Each Time item can be shown periodically or in time specified.

Language item settings dialog.

Here you can set one Language item.

Switching to Deutsch.

When you move mouse over windows with one of keyboard layout, it will be highlighted by Flying Indicator. Here you see Deutsch language is selected.

Related indicators position setup window.

Here you can set position of indicators. Open this window from menu Options->Offset tool.

Clock layer setting dialog.

Here you can set special options of Clock Layer. AM, PM and Time Delimiter.

Here you can activate layout switching ability. When this option is on, you can switch layout of window by double click. Remember, Back and Forward buttons must be as in Microsoft mice. But, if you has no MS mouse, you can use AltMove 5-buttons emulation

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