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Diver++ windows manager Screenshots


Main manager window

Diversify manager has multi-document structure. Each window is independent of others.

The Message tab

Here you can type window handle you want to work with. Also you can do in by button with shoot-sight icon. Press and drag it to destination window and then release mouse. Diversify manager determines window handle. Here you can change state of window, visibility and opaque.

The Position tab.

This tab allows you change 4-dimension position of window.
X,Y,Z-order,parent. To get position press button "get rect", to set position, write down all rect parameters: left, right, top and bottom and then press "Set rect"

To chaghe z-order, press buttons "moove up" and "move down". You will see than handles in "prev" and "next" are changing. If "prev" is 0x00000000 it mean, that your window is in top of z-order(within its parent). Same way for "next".

To get parent window, press button get, and you will see handle of parent window in "Last" edit box. To change parent window, write it down in editbox "Parent" and then press "Set" button.

Settings dialog

Here is the hierarchy tree of windows. Here you can see and select window you will work with. Some standart registered windows has special icon for visibility. Buttons, edit-boxes, so on.

The hierarchy tree.

Here you can get or set style and extensed style of window you work with. To get window's style or extended style press "Get" or "Get ex". To put window's style or extended style write down its hexadecimal presentation of style(exstyle) in editbox and press "Set" or "Set ex".

The font page.

Here you can get, preview and set font of window.

The menu page.

If window has standart menu, you can see and manage it here.

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